There’s no better, faster, more affordable or more important means of marketing and advertising than online marketing.

We’re always excited for our clients who either begin advertising with Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other marketing channels for the first time or decide to ramp up their efforts.

Adcoast is more than an online marketing agency. We care about our clients and are invested in their success. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing and advertising, but often when you employ an ad agency, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

We don’t hide our strategies and secrets, we build and share them with our clients.

We train business owners in their own advertising efforts to the extent that you feel comfortable. We spend time with our clients to teach them how to manage the marketing tools and strategies that we’re using.

Getting involved in your own marketing strategy can save you money on professional services, but there are a few notable caveats to consider. The first and most important is that while you are learning and implementing modern online marketing strategies, you’re not running your business — therefore, you are not making money.

Take control of your marketing. Dominate your market.

If you do have the time and resources to invest in your own digital advertising efforts, do so with tact. Blindly putting ad spend behind online ads will not reach the right customer without defining and targeting the appropriate demographics. Regardless of how many impressions your ads make, impressions made to the right audience are more valuable. Reaching the wrong audience still costs money so your cost per click will always be more if your online marketing is handled by an amateur.

Don’t spend so much time advertising that your business suffers and don’t go it alone if you’re just learning. A good marketing partner will save you money and add value to your overall web presence, ad reach and marketing strategy. Partner with Adcoast.

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